Weed effects are waaay more nuanced than just uplifting sativas, relaxing indicas, or balanced hybrids. (Weed is complicated? Who’da guessed it.) 

Whether you want to boost energy, improve your mood, find more focus, spark creative vibes, or just chiiiiiiiill out, there is a perfect strain (or strains) for you. But finding them requires more than just checking the sativa, indica, or hybrid boxes. 

It’s actually pretty common for seasoned consumers to ignore these categories entirely + focus on strains known for delivering specific effects. If you’re looking to decipher these effects – aka understand some of the filters on Lantern – then keep reading.  

More importantly, you’ll also learn tools to apply in the future: If a specific strain isn’t in stock, this info will help you use names, lineage, + dominant terpenes to find similar effects. Asking a budtender for their recommendations can be helpful, too. Keep in mind: how you react is determined by your unique body chemistry (aka your endocannabinoid system) + others may respond differently.   


There are a lot of strains to help go from counting sheep to a deep sleep. Many are indica-leaning to provide a heavy dose of couch lock + help unwind thoughts after a long a** day. 

When shopping for ‘sleepy’ strains, keep an eye out for high levels of myrcene + linalool.  These terpenes are known for providing relaxation that gradually lures your mind + body to rest.

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Lantern’s favorite sleepy strains:


If you wanna kick back instead of falling to sleep, then keep reading: there’s a range of options to help you harness a chilled-out vibe. 

Strains in the GSC family (usually strains with “Cookie” in their name) are high in the terpene caryophyllene, + more likely to help you stop stress in its tracks

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Lantern’s favorite chill strains:


Sometimes you wanna bask in a sunny high to match your bright demeanor.  Whether you’re out + about or staying in with friends, there are a bunch of uplifting strains that will spark smiles. 

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Lantern’s favorite happy strains:


Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed ‘on’ switch for creativity. But, there are several options that can defeat a creative block.

When you need inspiration, look for strains with terpenes like myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, + terpinolene. This combination tends to help people ease both mind + body while feeling introspective + ready to brainstorm. 

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Lantern’s favorite creative strains:


Sativa-leaning strains are reported to deliver a ‘super-charged’ high (ish). You won’t feel a jolt like caffeine, but you won’t feel couch-locked like indicas either. 

Even within the sativa family, there’s a big difference between a zesty wake-and-bake + being in a buzzy, spacy state. Look into the common effects of each strain so you have an idea of the experience that lies ahead.  

If you’re looking to fuel a workout, hike, or other physical activity, strains high in humulene may come in handy. Early research suggests this terpene has anti-inflammatory + pain-easing benefits. Some strains reportedly to help with other parts of your workout, including post-exercise aches. Try using topicals in that specific area. 

Lantern’s favorite strains for energy:


Will weed provide the focus you need? Pinene, a common terpene, has been researched for its ability to improve memory + focus. And many people say weed helps them stay on track + motivated (deadlines, chores, or other daunting tasks). 

Of course, the effects will vary per person + for whatever task you’re trying to accomplish. Start with these strains, or one of their relatives, + put your nose to the grindstone. 

Lantern’s favorite strains for focus: